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Telangana-Congress MPs await high command verdict

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All the Telangana MPs gathered together at the residence of the Nizamabad MP, Mr Madhu Yashki Goud, to discuss their future strategy. Talking to the media after the meeting, Dr Kesava Rao said that there had been no change in their attitude on resignations.

“There are four options concerning our resignations. Firstly if the leadership issues a statement expressing a clear cut view on granting a Telangana state, we will withdraw our resignations. Secondly, if our resignations are accepted, we will go to the people and build a movement, thirdly, if the Speaker does not decide on our resignations and keeps them pending, we will not attend the Parliament Session and fourthly, if the Speaker rejects our resignations, we will attend Parliament and disturb the proceedings for the sake of Telangana,” Dr Kesava Rao clarified.

He said that in-principle, all Telangana Congress leaders were supporting agitations for Telangana. “Even in the morning Mr Azad spoke to us and asked us to withdraw our resignations, but we refused to do so. He then suggested that at least we send a letter requesting the Lok Sabha Speaker to keep our resignations in abeyance, but we have rejected this too,” Dr Kesava Rao said, adding that the “non-cooperation” movement by Telangana ministers, MPs and legislators would continue till the high command took a final call on the issue.

“Azad told us to wait for two months. Now we are asking him to please conclude the so-called consultations before August 17, keeping in mind the ‘general strike’ by many Telangana employee organisations from that day.” He further stated that the Telangana Congress MLAs would submit their resignations afresh once the Assembly Speaker, Mr Nadendla Manohar, returned to Hyderabad. “There is no truth in reports that the MLAs will not resign,” he added. Deccan Chronicle

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