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Telangana Mlas Chide Seemaandhra Leaders For Reacting On Tankbund Incident

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Hyderabad: The Telangana Congress MLAs today asked the Seemandhra leaders as to why they failed to react on the suicides of over 600 students across the Telangana region like they immediately responded on destruction of statues on Tank Bund.

Speaking at the Assembly media point on Friday, the MLAs have urged the Centre to stick to its December 9, 2009 announcement on Telangana. They also said that they would not attend the Assembly session till March 12 as announced earlier. Disclosing that they also rejected request of the PCC Chief, Mr D Srinivas, to attend the House to save the government, they said that they told Mr Srinivas that the Centre should recognize the Telangana Congress MLAs movement for Telangana State.

Condemning the attack on Telangana Congress MPs, Dr K Keshav Rao and Mr Madhu Yashki Goud, who participated in the Million March with a commitment, they said that it was nothing but dishonoring them. Dr Keshav Rao had sacrificed his CWC membership due to Telangana movement, they pointed out.

Condemning the attack on media, they said that the party which was running the movement had the responsibility of controlling their cadre from destroying the statues. They opined that destruction of statues would create more problems for the Telangana movement.

Finding fault with the reaction in Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam following destruction of the statues on Tank Bund, they questioned as to why they kept silent when more than 600 students committed suicides demanding separate State. They alleged that the Seemandhra people were still demanding for united Andhra Pradesh because they have been deriving immense benefits from Telangana region.

The Telangana Congress MLAs warned the Seemandhra leaders to cooperate for creation of separate Telangana State if they did not want repetition of Tank Bund-like incidents in future. (NSS)

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