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Telangana Movement Decade Celebrations From April 14: KCR

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Hyderabad: The TRS Chief Mr K Chandrashekar Rao has said that his party would organize ‘Telangana Movement Decade Celebrations’ for 10 days from April 14. He revealed that there will be a ‘Decade Movement’ public meeting at Parade Grounds on April 27.

Speaking to the media after the Party executive meeting here at Telangana Bhavan on Wednesday, he said that there will be Telangana culinary menu and culture programmes during the celebrations. He extended full support to Mr Anna Hajare’s fast demanding Jana LokPal Bill. He demanded the State government to release Rs.200 crores to the handloom weavers immediately, and warned otherwise he will organize public movements in support of weavers. He demanded the State government to withdraw the hiked power tariff and to supply quality power to the consumers. He also demanded the government to supply drinking water to both the urban and rural areas on a war path. He also demanded the Railway department to withdraw the cases filed against the Telangana protagonists immediately.

He said that he was conducting ‘Chandiyagam’ near Chilukuru Balaji Temple for the sake of Telangana peoples’ welfare. He warned that he will fight against the government’s efforts to privatize the Bibi Nagar NIMS Medical College and said that those who buy it will lose their money. (NSS)

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