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Telangana MPs manage to irk even the BJP

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Notwithstanding reports of a government-BJP deal, Parliament was disrupted for the third consecutive day Thursday over the price rise and other issues. There were no signs that Parliament will get down to business Friday.

The government did try to reach out to the Opposition by agreeing to an adjournment motion on black money, but it did not cool tempers in either House, leading to two adjournments in the Lok Sabha and three in the Rajya Sabha.

In the Lok Sabha, Telangana MPs, including Congress reps, added their own decibels to the din, raising slogans in the well for a separate state. TRS leaders K Chandrashekhar Rao and Vijayashanti were in the thick of things.

Keen to keep the focus on the price rise issue, leader of the Opposition Sushma Swaraj tried to cajole them to leave the well, promising to support their demand and advising them to hold their fire for  later. But the MPs did not listen.

Swaraj later accused the Congress of using its Telangana MPs to derail the price rise debate. “The Congress does not want the House to run. It is not able to manage the floor or control its own members (from Telangana),” she said to the press later.

She added: “The government had promised that it would control the Telangana MPs. But when the price rise debate began and TRS and Congress MPs from Telangana created an uproar, no cabinet minister was present.”

Despite the work they put in for their party’s cause, Telangana Congress MPs received a dressing down from Union finance minister Pranab Mukherjee for being disruptive in the Lok Sabha. They were summoned to Mukherjee’s chambers after the day’s final adjournment  and asked why they were embarrassing the home team. He added the threat that if didn’t behave, they may have to be suspended.

The MPs, according to sources, trotted out their usual ruse that if they weren’t seen raising the Telangana issue in Parliament, they risk the wrath back home.Express Buzz

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