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Telangana NRI JAC hails Jupally’s resignation for Telangana cause

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Philadelphia: The welcoming developments for the formation of Telangana State in the political circles, are being observed closely by the members of the Telangana NRI Joint Action Committee (TNRI-JAC). The recent resignation of Mr Jupally Krishna Rao from the State cabinet, in support to the Telangana agitation, is appreciated by Telangana NRI community.

According to Mr Ravi Mayreddy, Telangana NRIs chatted with Mr Jupally in a teleconference, before his “Palamuru Padayatra” and extended their support. At that time, Mr Jupally showed very clear resolve to continue the movement and put pressure on the Union government to take decision for formation of Telangana State.

“We appeal to all other Telangana public representatives to resign immediately and join the Telangana movement. Otherwise, they will become “Telangana drohulu” and people will give a very fitting reply and end their political careers.

“We also welcome the bold gesture of Dr Nagam Janardhan Reddy to come out of “double-standards” TDP Party and lead the Telangana agitation. We appeal to all like-minded Telangana leaders and social organizations to come together under JAC and work together for Telangana development.”

Telangana NRIs are very excited to be part of this historic opportunity, to rebuild our Telangana and make it prosperous, he added.

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