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Telangana state by April 2012: Numerologist

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Hyderabad: With use of the name ‘Telamgaana’ the separate State movement will be successful by 100 percent, My Destiny Numerology and Cosmic Vaastu Research Centre founder-director, Mr Rachaa Suresh, predicted and asserted that Telamgaana State will be formed on very auspicious time before April 29, 2012.

Speaking to mediapersons here today, Mr Suresh said that the name vibration of Andhra Pradesh was 46 and Telangana was 28. The two names were under “1” influence because the ruling planet is Sun, he added. He explained that the Sun was represented with number 1, which was of independent nature. The date of birth of Andhra Pradesh was November 1, 1956. Now, the age of Andhra Pradesh is 55 years and from November 1 it would be 56 year old. April 27, 2001 was the date of birth of the political party Telangana Rashtra Samithi, which was fighting for separate State. The name number of Osmania University 56 was playing a key role. It could be reduced to 11 only because 11 was the master number so it never becomes 2.

According to Numerology, numbers 1 and 11 were lucky for Telangana movement, he said that November 29, 2009 was the best example for it. In date of hunger strike started by TRS president, Mr K. Chandrasekhara Rao, continued for 11 days. On the 11th day, the number of Kalwakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao was also 11. India has 28 States and the new State number will be 29, which becomes 11.

Mr Suresh predicted that the ‘Telamgaana’ has 28 and the internal numbers 9 and 19 which are with good compatibility of each other. Lucky time and lucky name will bring about separate State. He appealed to the Telangana Political Joint Action Committee, political parties, all organizations and people of the region to use the ‘Telamgaana’ everywhere.

Mr Suresh said that the Vijayawada MP, Mr Lagadapati Rajagopal and some vaastu pundits were misguiding the people in the name of vaastu. He said that Vaastu Science was not applicable to the countries, States, districts and villages. They are without boundaries of compound walls or fencing. Even though the boundaries are present on the paper, they could not make energies of directions and sub-directions, he added. He said that Vaastu science was applicable to those places which are having natural or manmade boundaries like compound wall. The most important thing was none of the continents, countries, States, districts or villages in the world was having neither square or rectangle shape nor manmade or nature made boundaries. He appealed to the people not to confuse with pseudo concepts.

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