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Telangana state in the offing: Journalists forum

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Hyderabad: The Telangana Journalists’ Forum convener, Mr Allam Narayana, has felt that the days of “United Andhra Pradesh” were numbered and the decades-long dream of separate Telangana State may become a reality soon.

Speaking at a convention on “Telangana journalists for the Telangana State” organized under the aegis of Telangana Journalists Forum at the Ambedkar Educational Institutions, here on Sunday, Mr Narayana said that the forum has been playing a commendable role in respect of the Telangana movement since its inception a decade ago.

Referring to a quotation “We cannot build anything unless we dismantle the existing one”, Mr Narayana said that similarly separate Telangana State cannot be formed unless the existing United State collapsed. He also quoted first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru as having said that the desire for United State among the Seemandhra leaders was tainting.

Referring to the utterance “cultural destruction” that was being heard in the aftermath of desecration of statues on Tank Bund, Mr Narayana said that the question was who first began such cultural destruction? “When discrimination had been shown while installing statues, there was no need to act with sanity while desecrating statues”, he observed.

Stating that the Telangana region has been exploited and cheated in a well-planned manner since 1956, he alleged that thousands of acres of land in Telangana has been taken over unjustly and given to the elite from the Seemandhra region. He also said that the forum would organise “Chalo Delhi” in connection with the Telangana State formation on May 21, 22 and 23.

Scribes only hope The Editor of “Siasat” Urdu daily, Mr Zaheer Ali Khan, said that journalists are the only ray of hope at present in respect of Telangana movement since the politicians from the region were apparently bowing down to the lure of money from the Seemandhra region. He also said that the Telangana people in the Gulf countries were remitting around Rs 5,000 crores every year, while the Andhra people going abroad were settling there. He also observed that the Telangana region was larger than at least 20 States in the country so that it needed political and economic empowerment. Stating that the Telangana State would be a reality soon, he warned that the people of the region have to ensure that hereditary rule would not return in separate State.

The senior journalist, Mr Mallepalli Laxmaiah, has blamed both the Congress and the TDP for the Telangana State not becoming a reality yet. “Telangana State will not be a reality as long as the Seemandhra capitalists consider the region as a source of exploitation for them”, he said and suggested that the journalists from the region have to prepare a report regarding the ownership over land and industries in the region and submit it to the people of the region for the sake of creating awareness among them about the exploitation of region by the Seemandhra people.

The CEO of Zee 24 channel, Mr Shailesh Reddy, said that the VIII chapter of Justice B N Srikrishna Committee report has multiplied our responsibility to fight for the cause of Telangana State. He also observed that the journalists have to play more proactive role in the movement in the days to come. Speaking about the gross injustice meted out to his native Ranga Reddy district over the last 60 years, he said that though investments in crores of rupees have been inundating it, no jobs were being provided to the sons of the soil. Likewise, severe injustice was being done to the candidates belonging to the district in respect of government jobs.

The Arunodaya chairperson, Ms Vimalakka, the TPF leader, Mr Veda Kumar and other senior journalists, Mr Kranthi Kiran, Ms Ratnamala, Mr K Pratap Reddy, Mr Ajay Devulapalli and Mr Samath, also spoke. (NSS)

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