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Telangana students going to study elsewhere in AP, country

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Hyderabad: While students from north India, unmindful of the seriousness of the situation, are still proceeding towards engineering and other professional colleges in Hyderabad and its vicinity a large number of students of the Telangana region is either planning to go out or have already taken admission outside. Many of them have taken admission in the other two regions of Andhra Pradesh or even outside the state.

Well aware of the gravity of the situation they do not want to risk the career and life of these youths. What is interesting is that a large number of them who are sending their wards to other parts of the state or country are those who either support the cause of Telangana or even spearheading the movement for separate state.

Ever since December 2009 the Telangana region has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. On a few occasions educational institutions have been forced to close.

Andhra Pradesh has highest number of engineering colleges, most of them situated in what is called the Telangana region.

If media reports are to be believed many leaders of Telangana movement have secretly shifted their sons and daughters to other states or other two regions of Andhra Pradesh itself. They do not want to be known as it would expose their hypocrisy and make the life of their wards unsafe in other parts of Andhra, where they had been sent to study.

Colleges in districts like Guntur and Vijayawada are the main beneficiaries of this large scale movement of youths. One report said that there has been a 25 per cent increase in the number of students from the Telangana region seeking admissions in institute in these two districts. Their number may increase as the admission process is continuing.

But students from north India are still not aware of the gravity of the situation and are still heading for Telangana. But as the session is to start later there is likelihood of the pace of admission slowing down as gradually the news of trouble is reaching north India too.

If it so happens Telangana would be the worst sufferer as much of the local economy is based on these students. TimesWireService

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