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Telangana TDP Members Force House Adjournment For Day

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Hyderabad: After two brief adjournments, the Deputy Speaker, Mr Nadendla Manohar, who was in the chair, on Monday adjourned the House for the day when the Telugu Desam party MLAs from Telangana and the CPI members stalled the proceedings demanding introduction of a resolution in the House supporting formation of separate Telangana State.

Soon after the House assembled at 9 am, the TDP members from the Telangana region rushed to the podium and exhibited placards. They also shouted slogans like “Jai Telangana”, and demanded resignation of the ministers from Telangana to their posts. They also stood at the edge of the well of the House and raised slogans in favor of Telangana.

Making an appeal to the agitating members, the Minister for Legislative Affairs, Mr D. Sridhar Babu, said that the questions on the issues prevailing in the constituencies listed in the agenda were not coming up in the House since February 17 due to unruly scenes continuing in the Assembly. Stating that the Telangana issue was under active examination of the Centre, he claimed that the Centre was seriously thinking how to solve the issue. He pointed out that the proceedings of Parliament were going on smoothly.

Reminding that the Leader of Opposition in the Assembly also has equal responsibility to ensure smooth running of the House, the Minster criticized Mr Nara Chandrababu Naidu for not discharging his legitimate duty and responding to the government’s appeal to control his party members.

“The BJP national leader, Mr L K Advani, a few days ago revealed the names of those who had opposed formation of separate Telangana State during NDA government. The TDP has no right to question the government on Telangana Statehood issue”, the Minister said. However, the remarks made by the Minister sparked off protests in the House. The angry TDP members rushed towards Mr Sridhar Babu, but they controlled themselves later.


Strongly condemning the statement made by Mr Sridhar Babu, the Leader of Opposition, Mr Chandrababu Naidu, said that the Minister was misinterpreting the statement of the national BJP leader. He reminded that the TDP had disclosed its stand of united Andhra Pradesh in its election manifesto 2004. He also recalled the statement of Mr Advani that the NDA had not given new States for the areas which had capital of the existing State and the AP’s capital Hyderabad was in the Telangana region. He attributed the situation arising in the State to the incapability of the Congress government in tackling the issues.

Claiming that the Telangana Statehood issue was a sensitive one both in Telangana and Seemandhra regions, Mr Naidu said that the Centre had the responsibility to solve the issue.

When the TDP members continued their protest even after the speech of their leader, the Deputy Speaker adjourned the House at 9.10 am for 15 minutes.

After the House met again at 10.43 am, the TDP members trooped to the podium and raised slogans. The CPI members also joined them. This time, the Congress MLAs from the region did not enter the House as they have decided to boycott the session.

When his request to the agitating members to go back to their seats fell on deaf ears, the Deputy Speaker adjourned the House for second time at 10.47 am for 30 minutes. The similar noisy scenes prevailed in the House when it reassembled at 12.18 pm.

Making an effort to cool down the agitating members, the Government Chief Whip, Mr Bhatti Vikramarka said, “I am appealing to the members with folded handed to cooperate with the chair for smooth running of the House. The members should take opportunity and speak on the mike whatever issue may be. The TV Channels and news dailies were writing as they wished saying that we were wasting public money”.


The Minister for Information & Public Relations, Ms D K Aruna, told the House that the government was ready to discuss the Telangana issue on the floor of the House. She also requested the Leader of Opposition, who was not present in the house, to come to the House to participate in the discussion.

The Deputy Speaker also asked as to why “we are failing to ensure the smooth running of the House as the budget session of Parliament was running without hurdles.

When he failed to bring the House into the control, the Deputy Speaker adjourned the House at 12.26 pm to meet at 9 am on Wednesday. (NSS)

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