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There were no serious fights between us: Chiru’s son-in-law Sirish

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Sirish Bharadwaj, Chiranjeevi’s son-in-law, said he still thinks that his wife Srija and he might get back together, though it could take some time for the wounds to heal on both sides. Srija left him on March 14 and filed a police complaint against him under section 498 A of the IPC following which Sirish had been absconding only to resurface in the Nampally court recently. Speaking to TOI, he said he had been trying to speak to Srija ever since she left him. He hoped that the differences between him and Srija would clear with time and she would get back with him. The couple’s controversial marriage, when Sirija eloped with him to Delhi, took place in October 2008.

Sirish said he is still trying to figure out the actual reasons for his wife leaving him. “I still wonder what could be the reason for the fallout. Throughout our married life, there were no instances where we had serious fights. We might have had small differences like any other couple, but these problems could not have caused her to leave me. It’s difficult to imagine that she is not there in my life,” said Bharadwaj. He said that even his family is in a state of shock. “Sirija was never disgruntled when she was at home with me and my parents. She liked them genuinely and they had taken her in as their own daughter,” Bharadwaj said.

Recalling the day Srija walked out, Sirish said that she was her usual self even on that day and had asked him to have lunch on time. It was only the day before that the couple had gone for a health check up. “She was worried that I could have a hyper tension problem and hence she took me to the doctor. I still can’t imagine that she was planning to leave me the next day,” said Sirish. Bharadwaj did not get a chance to talk to Srija since the past four months. Sirish, however, said that he misses his daughter who is now three years old.

Sirish Bharadwaj managed to evade the police after Srija filed cases against him. He reportedly hid in an ashram at Medchal on the city outskirts before surrendering. He was also reported to have taken shelter earlier in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Shirdi and Visakhapatnam. After dodging the police for long, he finally surrendered before the Nampally Criminal Court in July.

Sirish also said that the law will take its own course and was confident of not losing in the court as he had never hurt his wife. Rubbishing Srija’s allegations, he said that the notion that Srija had a problem with his occasional drinking habit is not true. However, Sirish added that Chiranjeevi’s family was extremely kind to him even after filing the case. “They have never tried to harass me and I respect them for that,” he said. Referring to the case, he said that he would depose before officials of CCS on Sunday. TOI

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