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TJAC: Police At Loggerheads On Millenium March

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Hyderabad: The Telangana Political JAC and Police were at loggerheads on the ‘Million March’ to be held on March 10. The JAC has made it clear that it will organize the ‘March’, but the police served notices to the JAC convener Prof. M Kodandaram that he has no permission to organize it.

Speaking to the media here on Tuesday, Prof. Kodandaram has said that JAC doesn’t need any permission from the Police because it was organizing the March peacefully. He made it clear that the police and the government were trying to obstruct the Million March by threatening the Telangana people in the name of ‘permissions’.

Requesting the Telangana people to take a pledge for Telangana at 4 PM on March 10, Prof. Kodandaram urged the Intermediate students to attend the exam on March 10.

On the other hand, the Director General of Police (DGP), Mr Aravind Rao made it clear that they will not allow the March and said that nobody asked for the permission to organize it. He stated that the police would act according to law on that day, against the agitators who disturbs public life.

Earlier, the DGP along with the City Police Commissioner Mr AK Khan met the Deputy Speaker Mr Nadendla Manohar to review on ‘Assembly Seize’ to be held on March 10.

The State High Court has made it clear, in the meantime, that it will not intervene in this issue and said that every person has to act as per the Law. Responding to a petition filed by one Mr Sambaraju of Warangal, alleging that the Intermediate students would be affected due to the proposed ‘Million March’, the Court also held that it was for the government and the police to look after the issue. (NSS)

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