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TNSF demands fee Re-Imbursement for BCS & Release of scholarships

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Hyderabad: Mr Kodali Ravi Kumar, State secretary of the Telugu Nadu Students’ Federation, has demanded that the State government immediately release scholarships due for students and reimburse the fees of the BC students. He warned that the TNSF would launch agitation on a large scale if the government did not take immediate steps to attend to the students’ problems.

Mr Ravi Kumar has said that as the handloom weavers were committing suicides, a situation might arise when the students might also resort to ending their lives because of the inefficient and chaotic rule of the government. He said that while the government was trumpeting that fee reimbursement was a great innovative measure and had got people’s votes, has totally ignored these schemes after coming to power. He said that the government’s days are numbered as it had invited the wrath of the student community. He said that it was painful that funds were not released though the 2010-11 academic year has ended and a new year had commenced. He said that if the Chief Minister enters any college or a university campus, he would experience the wrath of the students, Mr Ravi Kumar added.

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