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TRS threatens to expose ‘misdeeds’ of Andhra leaders

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Hyderabad: The Telangana Rashtra Samithi would soon present a fact-sheet exposing the dark side of ‘Samaikhyandhra’ Congress leaders like Lagadapati, Rayapati, Mekapati, Kavuri and T G Venkatesh to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi.

Disclosing this at a press conference on Monday, TRS assembly floor leader E Rajender and legislator T Harish Rao said the so-called Samaikhyandhra movement was being orchestrated by these Congress leaders, who have vested interests in Hyderabad city.

“We have gathered details on the activities of these selfish few Seemandhra leaders, who feel that their writ will not run if Telangana state is carved out. One leader is opposing the movement because he has to collect toll gate fee for 25 years, another wants to protect his power project agreements, yet another wants to protect his real estate business. These and some more exhaustive facts will be presented to both Manmohan Singh as well as Sonia very soon,” they said.

They urged the Seemandhra people to respect the sentiment of Telangana people and not fall prey to the propaganda unleashed by these leaders. “The movement for a unified state is really not meant for the people of Seemandhra, but only to protect their business interests in the capital city,” they said.

Citing an example, Rao said minor irrigation minister T G Venkatesh was an undue beneficiary of land from the government of Andhra Pradesh when Y S Rajasekhara Reddy was the chief minister. “When not a single farmer, who lost land to the Outer Ring Road project, was given land-for-land compensation, how could this champion ‘Samaikyavadi’ (T G Venkatesh) get a GO issued in his favour for a similar acreage of prime land (3 acre 12 guntas) near the international airport for constructing a hotel project? Does this not amount to betrayal of the farmers, who were given paltry sums for their acquired land?

Why the minister was given special privilege, that too in an area which falls under GO 111 (protected catchment area for water bodies)?” he asked.

“Our assembly floor leader Rajender, who lost 8 acre 13 guntas to the ORR project, however was not given any special consideration or land-for-land compensation as given to the Seemandhra leader,” he added.

Asserting that no force can stall the formation of Telangana, the TRS leaders cautioned Seemandhra leaders against making provocative statements. “Why is it that T TDP leaders are not able to convince their counterparts from Seemandhra? Why is it that they are repeatedly issuing statements belittling Telangana people and their movement? The T TDP leaders must come out with answers to these raging questions. They must not forget that they are answerable to their voters and not to their political boss,” said Harish Rao. TOI

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