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TRS to challenge SKC Report in court: Harish Rao

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Hyderabad: “The TRS would fight legally against the objectionable content in the eighth chapter of Justice Srikrishna Committee report”, informed the TRS MLA, Mr T Harish Rao.

Speaking at the Assembly Media Point here, Mr T Harish Rao said that the remarks made by High Court Judge have exposed the real colors of Justice Srikrishna Committee. With the content of eighth chapter came to light, the Justice Srikrishna Committee lost credibility and faith in the public. The Committee has suggested the steps to control the Telangana movement, but did not show the ways to solve the problem. It indicates the downgrading of the Committee. Mr Justice Srikrishna has become a black spot on the judiciary system of the country, he added.

Deploring that the committees set up by the government have lost faith and confidence in the democracy, the Siddipet MLA pointed out that Fazal Ali Commission had studied the Telangana issue in depth and made concrete suggestions. But the recommendation of the Committee headed by Justice Srikrishna had the nature of fascism, he charged. The Justice Srikrishna Committee report had not reflected the sentiments of four crores of people of Telangana region and more over, it was in favour of Seemandhra capitalists’ desire.

Referring to the allegation of the Congress MP, Mr Madhu Yashiki. that Justice Srikrishna Committee members were sold out themselves to Seemandhra capitalists, the TRS legislator felt that the content of eighth chapter indirectly proved the allegations of the ruling party MP. The suicides of hundreds of students in the region for the cause of Telangana was not mentioned in the report of Justice Srikrishna Committee. The Committee also exhibited its ‘blood thirst’ by suggesting iron hand measures and tough stand against Telangana activists, he alleged.

Mr Harish Rao suggested that the Centre should open its eyes as the Seemandhra capitalists have managed the Justice Srikrishna Committee and introduce Telangana Bill in Parliament. There was no need for all-party meeting to discuss the Justice Srikrishna Committee report under these circumstances, he opined. Otherwise, the government would alone be responsible for the consequences that might follow in the state, he cautioned. (NSS)

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