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Tulasi ridicules opposition charges on growth rate

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Hyderabad: 20-Point Economic Programme Chairman N Tulasi Reddy on Friday ridiculed the opposition’s criticism that the growth rate and administration has become static and is below expectations.

Dr Tulasi Reddy detailed media persons at the Secretariat on Friday that what the N Kiran Kumar Reddy government has achieved in terms of growth rate was a litmus test to his rule.

“Over last year’s growth rate which was 8.55 per cent, this year it registered an increase to 9.22 per cent. In agriculture, the growth rate stood at 9.1 per cent this year while the National rate was 6.61 per cent,” the Economic Programme Chairman claimed.

He continued, “On the industrial front, AP registered a growth of 8.45 per cent while the corresponding figure for National level was 7.87 per cent, and in the services sector state has 9.64 per cent while the National figure was 9.38 per cent.”

Dr Tulasi Reddy further pointed out that the per capita income for AP has been raised by 18.49 per cent during 2010-2011 as compared to the past two years.

He appealed to the opposition not to underestimate the N Kiran Kumar Reddy rule but make estimations over the rule in terms of the data/facts available.(INN)

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