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Unlicensed drugs seized in Hyderabad

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drgsIn a significant breakthrough, the Drug Control Administration (DCA) seized 917 kilograms of drug pellets, used in multi-vitamin and anti-ulcer capsules, from Zelos Healthcare, Jeedimetla, during raids on Thursday.

According to DCA, the firm was manufacturing the drugs without a valid licence.

Zelos Healthcare was manufacturing sugar and starch pellets and then coating them with a thin layer of drugs like Vitamins, Zinc and Iron to produce drug pellets and sell them to dealers in Hyderabad, DCA officials said.

“We took our investigations further and raided Allanthus Biotech and Research Institute, Kukatpally, and seized 790 kilograms of drug pellets worth Rs. 8 lakh from the possession of the company’s Managing Director, G. Veer Raghaviah. We have suspicion that Zelos had supplied the drug pellets to Allanthus,” said Director General, DCA, B.L. Meena, while interacting with press persons here on Friday.

During the raids, the DCA officials said, Rs. 5 lakh worth drug pellets were seized from managing partners of Zelos Healthcare, Konala Ramesh and Mohammad Abdul Waseem. The two companies were booked under Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 for violating Section 18 (c) for manufacturing drugs without licence, Section 17-A for manufacturing drugs in unhygienic conditions and Section 17 for not labelling them properly.

In another raid on Wednesday, drug inspectors seized expired drugs worth Rs. 7 lakh from ARC Parcel Services in Deewan Devdi in the Old City. The expired drugs included antibiotics, anti-allergens, anti-diarrhoeal, condoms, painkillers, antiseptic injections and Sildenafil Citrate, the drug meant for erectile dysfunction.


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