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Vehicles with tint to be seized

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Vehicle owners who have failed to remove the dark film tints from their vehicles will have to face the music from November 5. They will not only have to cough-up heftier fine amounts, but their vehicles will also be seized.

The penalty amount is being raised from Rs.100 to Rs.500 for cars and buses, while high-end cars costing more than Rs.50 lakh will be penalised with an amount of Rs.1,000, Additional CP (Traffic) C.V. Anand said.

Traffic officers say motorists were resorting to various methods to avoid removing the dark tints.

While some were paying a challan of Rs.100 and are moving around the city for the whole day flashing the challan, others were rolling down their window glasses as they approach a junction. There are still others who retained the dark tints on their rear windscreen, Mr. Anand said.

To tackle such motorists, the police are also implementing new measures. Vehicles caught with dark films would be fined multiple times in a day till the time the tints are completely removed.

Policemen will also stop the cars whose window glasses are rolled down to check if the tints have been removed. Vehicles that evade a traffic check-post would also be intercepted in the next junction by the traffic police, he said.

The traffic police have also made it clear that as per the Apex court judgement, no one would be allowed to use such films on the basis of health and skin related problems.

Regarding the applications being received from VIPs and public representatives to be granted exemption, Mr. Anand said that exemption could be granted only by a high-powered committee, that too on the basis of security threats.

At least 80 per cent of the motorists had complied with the norms after the traffic police launched a crackdown against the use of dark tints on October 25.

“We will consider the remaining 20 per cent motorists as wilful violators and deal with them seriously,” he warned in a press release here on Saturday.

Police authorities will also start seizing vehicles that fail to remove the dark tints after a week’s time under Section 130 of Motor Vehicle Act.

The traffic police have registered a total of 25,972 cases during the ongoing drive, out of which 247 cases were registered against government and police vehicles and 383 cases on buses and trucks. The Hindu

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