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Venkaiah demands recall of Karnataka Governor

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Hyderabad: The BJP national senior leader, Mr M Venkaiah Naidu, on Thursday demanded that the Centre recall the Karnataka Governor, Mr H R Bharadwaj, who was acting against the Constitution.

Addressing a media conference here, Mr Venkaiah Naidu alleged that the Karnataka governor was acting as an Opposition leader and making attempts to topple the democratically elected BJP government in Karnataka and converted the Raj Bhavan as Gandhi Bhavan. The Centre should not allow him to continue in the highest post for showing favoritism in carrying out his duties.

The BJP leader pointed out that the Governor has swallowed his own words that Karnataka government destroyed legislative system in that State. He also made it clear that the Yaddyurappa government has bumper majority.

Mr Naidu also quoted the Supreme Court order in B P Singal vs Union of India (2010) case that “The constitutional role of the governor was to function as a vital link between the Union and State governments. He is required to discharge the functions related to different roles harmoniously, assessing the scope and ambit of each role properly. He is not an employee of the Union government, nor the agent of party in power, nor required to act according to dictates of political parties.”

Charging the Centre with adopting a partisan role, the BJP leader said that the script for destabilization of the Karnataka government was written in New Delhi and executed by the Governor in Bengaluru. The governor’s actions and loose comments were clear indications of his mission of destabilization of the BJP government. The Raj Bhavan in Bengaluru has become a centre for political activity and hatching conspiracies and the Governor played a partisan role. He alleged that Mr Bharadwaj made the highest constitutional institution murkier by his actions.

He also felt that the developments taking place in Karnataka were a threat not only to democracy, but also to the federal structure of the country. He also underlined the need for a national debate on the recommendations of the Sarkaria Commission and corrective actions.

Mr Venkaiah Naidu demanded that Mr Bharadwaj tender his resignation in the wake of widespread criticism in the national media for his undemocratic actions. (NSS)

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