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War Of Words Between TRS & TDP Getting Hotter

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Hyderabad, Feb.12 (NSS): The war of words and bitterness between the TRS and the TDP is getting hotter, with the leaders of the two parties lashing at each other, and calling the other as the ‘branch office’ of the ruling Congress party in the State.

Leaders of both the parties were indulging in strident criticism saying that the other party was adopting double standards and throwing challenges at each other.

Taking strong objection to the TRS leader Mr K Chandrasekhar Rao’s comments against the TDP on Friday, TDP senior leader Mr T Devender Goud reiterated that the TRS is a branch office of the Congress and it’s merger with the Congress is a certainty. It may be recalled that on Friday, Mr Chandrasekhar Rao has alleged that the TDP is a branch office of the Congress. Stating that his party (TRS) would move a no-confidence motion in the Legislature during the ensuing Budget session, Mr Rao dared the TDP to support it. “If the TDP has guts, it should support the no-confidence motion”, he challenged and added that it will expose the TDP’s double standards and it’s leaders’ allegations as farce.

Sharply reacting to these remarks, Mr Devender Goud said today that the merger of TRS with Congress is 100 percent certainty, but Mr KCR is diverting the issue. The facts would come out soon, he added.

Mr Goud said they expect Mr KCR to work in conformity with the aspirations and wishes of the people of Telangana; but at the same time, they would not tolerate if Mr KCR made attempts to weaken the TDP and resorts to hallow talk. He alleged that Mr KCR had never carried on agitations on Telangana problems.

The TDP leader questioned the intentions behind Mr KCR’s talk of no-confidence motion at a time when the Congress gained strength following the merger of PRP with Congress.

He further said that Mr Y S Jaganmohan Reddy had left the Congress party as he was not made the Chief Minister. Mr Jagan was opposing the Congress not for any principles or for the sake of the people. There was uncertainty over who would go with Jagan and who would not. Under these circumstances, it was not proper or correct to say that they would dethrone the Government by joining hands with Mr Jagan, Mr Goud contended. (NSS)

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