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Water, Goggles, Nose masks for traffic cops during summer

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Hyderabad: As the summer has already started, the Hyderabad Traffic Police has decided to issue the following items for the welfare of the Home Guards, police constables and officers working in the Traffic Department.

The Additional Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Hyderabad, in a pressnote here on Thursday stated that water bottles would be supplied to every member of the Traffic Police. A steel insulated one liter container which can keep the water cool for six hours even in extreme heat will be supplied. The bottles are specially stamped with Traffic Logo and are being issued as part of the kit items of Traffic Personnel for two years.

He stated that the Traffic Police personnel are being provided with specialised Dark Glasses to prevent damage to the eyes due to Ultra Violet radiation due to the extreme heat and pollution on the road. Similarly, it has been decided to provide them with one Disposable Nose Mask every day as a welfare and health measure, he added.

It was also decided to supply Glucose regularly to the Traffic Police personnel during the summer to maintain salt and glucose levels. Besides, Rs 200 per month for April and May will be sanctioned from the Welfare Fund to the Traffic police personnel as a special Summer Allowance. (NSS)

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  1. I strongly appreciate their attempt of supporting Traffic police personnel…but the amount mentioned 200 rupees is too low, I can’t even imagine myself standing there for an hour….
    Managing our traffic with out traffic personnel is next to impossible… they play a vital role in controlling the situations…

    State Government has lots of road and vehicle taxes, probably these people should be supported with more special facilities.


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