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We won’t go back on resignation: Keshava Rao

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Hyderabad: The Congress MP, Dr K Keshava Rao, has made it clear that the Congress leaders of the Telangana region would not go back on their decision to resign to their posts for achieving Telangana.

Addressing the Meet-the-Press programme of the Telangana Journalists Forum, Dr Keshava Rao said that justice would prevail and Telangana would be a reality. Replying to questions, he said that half of the Congress leaders have attended Friday’s meeting as the Nizamabad MP, Mr Madhu Yashiki, and others were abroad. He said that he had talked to those who could not make it to the meeting and obtained their consent for the decision to resign. He said that he also talked to those who were opposed to resignations.

Asked whether the Union Minister, Mr S. Jaipal Reddy, would sail with them, Dr KK said there was no leader for Telangana and people were real leaders and every one would have to sail with them. He said that barring the CPI(M), every political party passed resolutions favouring Telangana State and they had been holding consultations on the matter with all concerned since eight years. He said that it was now time for the Centre to act and concede Telangana. On the statement of Mr Ghulam Nabi Azad, Dr KK said the Congress party had an understanding with the TRS on Telangana and contested with it in 2004. He said Mr Azad knew about it.

Dr Keshava Rao said that all the Telangana Congress MPs would be leaving for New Delhi on Sunday and submitting their resignations to the Lok Sabha Speaker at 11 am on Monday. He has maintained that they had decided to resign, in deference to the wishes of the people. Stating that it was not their intention to create constitutional crisis, he exuded confidence that the Telangana State would certainly be a reality. He said the people of Telangana had the right to seek separation as they feel that injustice was being meted out to them.

When asked against which party they would all contest in case byelections were called, Dr KK has said he was a Congress man and would remain so. He had earlier held a meeting with the MPs, Mr Manda Jagannatham, Mr Ponnam Prabhakar, Mr G. Vivek and Mr Gutha Sukhender Reddy at his residence.

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