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Welfare Development Two Eyes Govt: Kiran Kumar Reddy

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Hyderabad: The progress of the State is paramount to the Government, and it is our duty to develop the under-privileged, S.Cs, S.Ts, Minorities and especially the women in the society and make the State progressive, said the Chief Minister, Mr. N.Kiran Kumar Reddy.

He was speaking at the inauguration of the 4th Jain International Trade Organization’s 3-day Conference at HICC here, today.

The Chief Minister said that unless there is peace and progress in the State, there cannot be development. Welfare and Development are the two eyes of the Government. Unless you have money for welfare, you cannot have welfare programmes. We have to take both Agriculture and Industry together for the progress of the State, he said.

Narrating a past event, the Chief Minister said that “In 2003, when I attended a CII conference, many of the participants in the conference were very critical of the decision of the Congress party to provide Free Power to Agriculture. They said that the decision would ruin the Agriculture and the State and the free power policy was only an election gimmick and you will not be able to continue it. But even after seven years, we kept up our promise and continuing the scheme and as on date providing free power to 28 lakh pumpsets. On the other hand we are giving cheapest power to the industry in the country. We are giving 75% reimbursement of power to all the mega industries. The excess payment you are giving by using electricity for the industry, we are cross subsidizing that for the Agriculturalists”.

The Chief Minister further said that the State is the right destination for industrial growth. “We have got a very peaceful labour force here and our Government is very proactive. We are ready to change our policy for any mega industry so that you can come to the State. Recently in one single meeting we have cleared projects worth Rs.25,000 crore that could employ 42,000 persons”, he added.

Stating that Jain community is the only Community based trade organization in the country, the Chief Minister said that they have always been part of the Hyderabad and the State and they are peace loving. “It is my minimum duty to do whatever best for the community because you are contributing for employment and for the progress of the State”, he added.

The Chief Minister assured to provide all the needed help to the community and said the presence of Jain community in Hyderabad and the State is a great source of inspiration for the other industrialists. (NSS)

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