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When Dr. Shankar Preaches Sermons To Scribes

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Hyderabad, Feb.19 (NSS): The Minister for Handlooms and Textiles, Dr P. Shanker Rao, took an ‘earful class’ to mediapersons at a conference conducted by him in the Secretariat on Saturday. He also advised the managements of the media houses to recruit matured persons as reporters instead of non-serious persons.

Unable to answer the questions shot by journalists, the Minister directly targeted them and questioned their ‘maturity’. Though the media, who were covering the conference were almost all senior journalists, Dr Shanker Rao dubbed them as ‘immature and non-serious journalists’. “The mediapersons should act like gentlemen and should ask gentle questions and straightly”, he suggested. He also asked the video journalists to focus on the journalists, who were posing questions, so that the people would know what kind of questions they were asking.

“You are not serious about the blood boiling issue of scams in the SC, ST Finance Corporation on which I am holding the media conference. If you are not serious, I would talk to the media at the CLP Office”, he thundered. He also advised the media houses not to recruit “children” and immature persons. The managements should also caution the journalists to act properly. Otherwise, the media should get a bad name in the State, he maintained.

In the media conference, the Minister committed a ‘faux pas’ and did not bother to correct himself even when a journalist pointed point his flaw. He also described late Rajiv Gandhi as “Bharat Ratna Rajiv Gandhi”. He also evaded an answer to the question of a journalist as when “Bharat Ratna” was awarded to late Rajiv Gandhi. Besides, the Minister said that Ms Sonia Gandhi selected Dr Manmohan Singh, who got appreciation even from Bin Laden as a great economist, to Prime Minister’s post. With this, the entire audience burst into laughter. (NSS)

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