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Where has Jagan Gone: Revanth Reddy

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Hyderabad: Mr Revant Reddy has questioned where has Mr Jagan, chief of the YSR Congress gone, after bragging that he could pull the government down any moment he chose and that the government was continuing at his mercy.

He has alleged that the people had observed that all his MLAs met in his house one day before the Assembly session and decided to support the government in the Speaker’s election. He has questioned why Mr. Jagan’s mother, who was sworn in as MLA abstained from the session and asked if that was not match fixing.

Mr Revant Reddy also alleged that the TRS had indulged in match-fixing with the Congress and predicted that the party would soon merge with the Congress. He said that Mr KCR was simply talking bravely before the media because he wants to gain politically in the ensuing local body elections.

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