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Will ESMA escalate crisis?

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Hyderabad: Will the ESMA imposition aggravate the already volatile situation in the state and result in escalation of problem?

Though this would not be the first time that the ESMA would be invoked, the Act is not intended to contain the agitational mood of the strikers but make available certain essential services to the commoners who had nothing to do with either with the striking leaders or the power corridors.

The Government invoking Essential Services Maintenance Act may not necessarily result in stopping the strike if the demands are genuine and the employees are feeling the lack of response from the administration.

Many a times in the past, the invoking of ESMA had failed.

A cross section of the society feels that the invoking of the Act is not a solution.

On the other hand, it may aggravate the situation and further provoke the striking leaders fighting for a separate Telangana state.

There is another side to the story too. Employees coming under the purview of the Essential Service Act should notify before 40 days of the strike and can start the strike only after the order is passed. Otherwise, penalty for illegal strike will be applicable.

So the government could follow this in case of any sudden strike.

Instead of invoking ESMA, the best option open would be to find an alternative method through negotiations.

Under the TDP rule, the N Chandrababu Naidu government was prepared to negotiate with extremists/Naxals at the negotiating table but the talks failed.

But an attempt was made to bring the warring groups for an interaction.

Invoking ESMA against its own employees who are law abiding and the circumstances that pushed them to resort to strike may not be justifiable particularly when the government turns a blind eye to their burning problem, work conditions for a long period and forced them to go on a strike as a last resort.(INN)

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