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Will give my life for Telangana but will not resign: MP Sarvey

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New Delhi: Lok Sabha Member Sarvey Satyanarayana on Monday wondered who would fight for separate Telangana statehood if the Legislators resign from their elected posts.

Expressing his opposition to the resignations of Telangana Legislators as part of their attempts to force the Centre into announcing a decision on the separate statehood demand, Mr Satyanarayana said that he was ready end his life for the cause of Telangana but would not resign.

“Who would fight for Telangana if we resign from our posts,” he shot back at media persons here.

“Without posts, we cannot achieve Telangana. We have to respect Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s decision on Telangana,” the MP said.

He also questioned how the Telangana Rashtra Samithi could dictate terms to Congress leaders and force them to tender their resignations.

Mr Satyanarayana pointed out that Ms Sonia Gandhi had never stated that she was against Telangana state.

“What then is the need for the Legislators to resign from their posts and mount pressure on the High Command,” the Lok Sabha Member asked.(INN)

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