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World Cup fever grips city roads deserted

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Hyderabad: The city dwellers on Saturday glued to the TV sets with pulse rate fluctuating in tune with the ups and downs of the run rates of India and Srilanka teams, as the final cricket match of world cup begun at 2.30 pm at Mumbai. Following this, the roads in the twin cities wore a deserted look, as the people confined themselves to the homes and offices to view the cricket match on the TV.

People also gathering at the shops which have setup TV sets for their convenience to watch the match. Majority of the electronic goods shops have arranged TVs of big screen for the purpose. Interestingly, some bars and restaurants at Paradise area have come up with an offer to the people — “drink a beer- watch the match”, to attract the customers. Contrary to this, some bars in the twin cities displayed boards saying “no TV facility on April 2”. Their apprehension was that the customers may stay long time in the bars by watching the cricket match on the TV.

The Hyderabad Metro Development Authority (HMDA) has setup a big screen in Lumbini Park to provide facility to the people to see the cricket match.

The fragrance of national spirit has sprawled on the day as the people arranged national flag at several junctions and colonies. Groups of youth made rounds in the areas of Narayanaguda, Barkathpura, Nallakunta, etc., on two-wheelers, holding the tri-color and whishing for the victory of Indian Cricket team .

According to sources, large scale betting was also continued unabatedly on the world cup final match.(NSS)

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