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Yerran Says UPA Govt Immersed In Corruption: PM Should Go: Nagam

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Hyderabad, February 5: The Telugu Desam Party senior leader, Mr Yerrannaidu has said that the UPA government at the Centre was virtually mired in an unprecedented corruption.

Speaking to the media at the NTR Bhavan here on Friday, Mr Yerrannaidu said that the Centre on one hand was taking a lenient view of those who offer a share to it in the wealth amassed through irregular means, on the other it was setting on iron foot on those who questioned the unprecedented corruption being taken place.

Referring to the Income Tax officials’ raid on the residence of the senior party leader, Mr Nama Negeshwara Rao, Mr Naidu reminded that no illegal wealth was traced during the raid on his residence two years ago. He questioned the intention behind the raid on his residence for second time and added that the Telugu Desam party would not indulge in such vengeful activities. He also said that the people were taking note of such activities that aim at damaging the strength of the Telugu Desam Party.

Another senior leader, Dr Nagam Janardhan Reddy, said that it was not good for the country to continue Dr Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister any longer. He also demanded that he step down on his own honorably.

Another party leader, Mr Kadiam Srihari, expressed his solidarity with the junior medicos who have been on hunger strike at Gandhi Medical Hospital over the last few days. (NSS)

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