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‘Will gain momentum after Sonia, Rahul visit’

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He largely remains behind the scenes. But senior state Congressman and editor of Desiya Murasu, A. Gopanna is one of the few contemporary intellectual faces of the state Congress who frequently brings hundreds of Congressmen and others together for literary debates. K. Karthikeyan caught up with the editor-Congressman.

Infighting worsened after candidate selection. The morale of Congressmen in TN has hit an all-time low. Even the campaign lacks momentum. Will this not affect the party’s poll prospects?

There were some hitches after the candidate list was released. But, the scenario has changed in the last week. Things would improve further and the momentum will be regained once Soniaji and Rahul hit the campaign trail. The joint meeting of Soniaji and Kalaignar will create synergy between the cadres ahead of the polls. The infrastructure and organisational setup of the DMK will add strength to the Congress campaign. Jayalalithaa and Vijayakanth have not even shared the dais. How will they run a government together? The Congress is not an extra luggage but a force to reckon with.

Spectrum was the major poll plank of the AIADMK-led Opposition till a while ago. But, now it has shifted to inflation and power cut. Ms Jayalalithaa only makes a passing reference of Raja’s arrest? Why?

First, spectrum is a dead issue. If she calls Raja guilty just because he is charged in the spectrum scam,
Jayalalithaa is also guilty because her disproportionate assets case is still pending. People are aware and so is Jayalalithaa. She makes a passing reference because she could not find anything else to blame the DMK-led alliance with. And, inflation is not state or national-centric but driven by fluctuations in the international market.

Both Mr Karunanidhi and Ms Jayalalithaa have pinned their hopes on freebies this election. Do you think this strategy will work out?

Freebies have become inevitable in a welfare state. It is a part of the evolutionary process in a democracy. Mr Karunanidhi has demonstrated in the last five years that freebies are possible. Till a month back she was criticising freebie distribution. Jayalalithaa lacks credibility. People will not be deceived by her announcements. Asian Age

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