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85 pc people in Sibal’s constituency favour Lokpal: Team Anna

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An overwhelming 85 per cent of people in HRD Minister Kapil Sibal’s constituency of Chandi Chowk favour the Jan Lokpal Bill, Team Anna Hazare said on Monday giving out the details of ‘referendum’ conducted by civil society activists.

Hazare claimed that the ‘interim’ results of the referendum showed that 85 per cent of 72,000 responses counted so far in Chandi Chowk were in favour of the Lokpal Bill, which has been prepared by the civil society.

Favouring a national referendum on the issue, Hazare said the government will have to listen to the voices of people.

“Seeing these results the question arises, does Kapil Sibal still represent the people of his constituency?” asked Arvind Kejeriwal. The Team Anna claimed that the referendum revealed that the elected representatives were not voicing their electorate’s wishes.

“85 percent of the people surveyed in Sibal’s constituency have opted in favour of the provisions proposed by team Anna,” Kejriwal said.

“Four lakh referendum forms were distributed in the constituency, of which 86,000 forms have been collected till now. The referendum forms constituted a questionnaire of 8 questions on components of the bill. The result of 72,000 forms has been compiled, rest 14,000 were not scanned as they got wet due to rains and will be done manually,” he said.

However, Sibal ridiculed the survey, saying he was surprised why the support was not 100 per cent.
“I am surprised that why is it not 100 per cent? They are being very modest, I think they are doing a lot of injustice to themselves,” Sibal told reporters. Asian Age

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