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Achuthanandan super fast in claiming credit

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The Stockholm convention’s decision to eliminate endosulfan has come as a personal victory for the Chief Minister, Mr V. S. Achuthanandan, who had brought the issue to the spotlight through a seven-hour Satyagraha here on Monday.

The fast coincided with the opening of the Stockholm convention in Geneva and fortuitously for Mr Achuthanandan, the announcement came on Friday, as the 12-hour LDF-sponsored hartal for the endosulfan ban wore off across the State.

On ayurvedic treatment till May 6, Mr Achuthanandan was taking rest at his official residence, Cliff House.

But he had entrusted his backroom boys to track discussions at Geneva. And once he got the big news he was waiting for, he announced it with as much alacrity.

Perhaps most of the Left leaders heard it from him in the sleepy noon hours. This was not what the CPI(M) bosses had possibly expected by organising the hartal under LDF banner, trying to pluck it out of a single man’s agenda. He had seized it back.

That Mr Achuthananan’s strategy paid off as was evident from the party secretary, Mr Pinarayi Vijayan, summoning a press conference soon after Mr Achuthanandan’s “ban” announcement lest he should claim all credit for the anti-endosulfan crusade.

With an easy victory, Mr Achuthanandan is getting ready for the next stage of his political battle in the party.

His only option to stay afloat in the party is to play on the offensive using his parliamentary office.

He has done this with great success, both as the Opposition leader and later as Chief Minister.

Without his campaigns, Mr Achuthanandan will be relegated to the party margins and political history.

He has effectively used the media in achieving his goals as in the case of the endosulfan campaign too. Asian Age

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