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Amar refutes Bhushan claims

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Expelled Samajwadi Party leader and Rajya Sabha MP Amar Singh on Wednesday contradicted the claims made by former Union law minister Shanti Bhushan that he had never met him, and claimed that the senior lawyer had travelled on his chartered plane to appear in a case at the Allahabad high court in 2006.

Mr Singh claimed that he had even had a conference with Mr Bhushan in 2006 when the latter had appeared in a case (writ petition 5085 MP, 2003) before the Allahabad high court bench on February 28, 2006. “I had arranged a chartered plane for Mr Bhushan to fly to Lucknow to appear in the case in favour of the SP chief, Mulayam Singh Yadav. The UP advocate-general at that time, Virendra Bhatiya, had given him `30 lakhs as fee for his appearance but later `20 lakhs more was demanded, which was also given in cash in New Delhi,” Mr Singh claimed at a press conference held at his residence here on Wednesday.

Mr Singh also said the directorate-general of civil aviation could verify details of the chartered plane and he also expressed the hope that Mr Bhushan would have reflected the `50 lakhs received from the SP in his income tax-return for 2006.

The expelled SP leader also alleged that Mr Bhushan had appeared in a case in the Allahabad high court in May 2006 without the petitioner even seeking his services. “The petitioner, fighting a case against a builder, had told the court he had not hired Bhushan as he could not afford his fees. Still, he had flown in a chartered plane from New Delhi to Allahabad,” Mr Singh alleged,

Mr Singh also told reporters he would file a contempt petition against senior lawyer Prashant Bhushan for having distributed and played the “CD” on which there is a ban by the Supreme Court.

“I have sent copies of the CD to laboratories in Sweden, the US and France, apart from two places in India, for forensic tests. But how come Mr Prashant Bhushan got the reports from the laboratory in the US on Sunday when no one works in the US on a weekend? It implies that the Bhushans sent the CD to the lab on Wednesday itself, that is even before the media got it,” Mr Singh claimed. Asian Age

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