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Anna condemns political forces

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Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare on Thursday criticised the “political forces” for defaming his nation-wide movement, and claimed that they are afraid of the Jan Lokpal Bill that would expose their corruptions.

“There are political forces who are facing corruption and criminal charges. So, they are afraid of the enactment of the anti-corruption bill. They are trying to create confusion in the minds of the common man by defaming the nation-wide campaign which has gathered such tremendous support,” said Mr Hazare, while speaking in his hometown Ralegan Siddhi that lies around 250 km north of Mumbai.

The social activist also criticised the political parties for paying voters to win elections. “There are political parties and politicians who are hoarding black money and using it for elections. People are bribed with this money for winning elections and so, the image of the voters is also being tarnished,” he said.
According to Mr Hazare, it has become difficult for a non-corrupt leader to stand in the elections without using the influence of money-power. “Is it possible for a non-corrupt person with a good moral background to win elections without using black money?” asked a scathing Mr Hazare.

He also clarified his stringent remarks against political leaders in the country. “I have never said that all the political leaders in the country are corrupt. There are a few exceptions, and these exceptions should also raise voices against the rampant corruption. However, if they keep mum, they are actually silently supporting corruption and are therefore of no use to the nation.”

Mr Hazare had also come under criticism after he praised chief ministers Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar for their developmental efforts in their respective states. When asked about this, he said, “I had only praised their development issues. I’ve always condemned every communal riot in the country.” Asian Age

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