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Army gunner challenges dismissal for marrying twice

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Chandigarh, Feb 6 (IANS) An Indian Army soldier, who was fired from service for marrying twice, has moved the Armed Forces Tribunal against the termination saying that Muslim law permitted him to do so.

Following the challenge, the Chandigarh bench of the army tribunal has stayed the termination and has sought a reply from the army authorities.

Yaseen Nadaf (29), a gunner with the 40 Medium Regiment, was dismissed from the army in November 2010.

According to official records, Nadaf had first married Minaj Feb 2, 2002 as per Muslim rituals. However, his wife returned to her parents’ home after spending only four days with Nadaf.

Following this, an agreement of “khula nama” (divorce deed) was signed between him and Minaj June 10, 2003, which ended their relationship as per Muslim laws. But army officers refused to accept such an agreement.

Nadaf later married Samira Ismail March 22, 2007.

Taking cognizance of marrying twice, authorities issued a notice to Nadaf in January 2010, asking him why he should not be dismissed from service under the provisions of the Army Act.

The termination notice was sent to Nadaf’s unit Nov 6 and Nov 24, last year.

Nadaf has pleaded before the army tribunal that marrying twice was acceptable as he was a Muslim and was guided by Muslim community’s laws.

The case is scheduled for hearing March 22.

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