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Baba Ramdev denies he is an RSS agent

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“Representatives of all religions and social action groups were there to support the movement. How can you simply say that it was an RSS or BJP sponsored show,” he told newspersons here after the police escorted him back from New Delhi in the morning after the police crackdown on his satyagraha at the Ramlila grounds.

“Had I not stopped my people from reacting, the brutal police action would have left many dead as had happed in Jallianwala Bagh,” he said fighting back tears.

He alleged that women and even children were thrashed by policemen. They used teargas shells and attacked without warning, he said.

“I escaped by wearing a woman’s dress and hiding behind a wall. I would not have been caught had it not been for some women accompanying me telling me not to worry as there were no policemen nearby. This comment was heard by a policeman who immediately arrested me… the rest is history,” Baba Ramdev said.

He alleged that policemen tried to strangle him with his “dupatta.”

Baba Ramdev described Union Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal as a cheat who had schemed to damage the crusade against corruption by first saying that all his demands had been met and then backing out.

Reeling out the various stages of negotiations with Union Ministers, he said they had more than assured him that all demands would be met immediately. They even forced Acharya Balakrishna to write a letter about ending the satyagraha, saying it was required if they were to get the green signal from the Prime Minister.

Earlier, Baba Ramdev, who was brought to the Jolly Grant Airport by a special plane, was escorted to the Patanjali Ashram by policemen. The ashram was crowded with his followers, who chanted slogans in his favour. Hindu

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