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Bajrang Dal activists attack partygoers

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One person was grievously injured and several others sustained minor injuries as they were assaulted allegedly by Bajrang Dal activists who barged into a private party here early on Sunday.

Around 25 people were present at the party organised at the Maharani Farmhouse here at Someshwar on Saturday night. Caretaker Dayanand Poojary and his wife were asleep on the upper floor while the party was held on the lower floor.

One of the assault victims, Shekar (name changed), said he saw two persons leaving the house 30 minutes after the party began. Within minutes, the farmhouse was surrounded by 30-40 people, who came armed with bottles.

Confusion prevailed as the Bajrang Dal activists — sporting saffron shawls and their faces covered with saffron scarves — began to attack all those present inside and damaged property. They did not even spare the caretaker and his wife, said Sudhir (name changed).

Suprit (name changed) said: “They would ask us our names. After hearing the name of Syed [name changed] they attacked him severely.”

City convener of the Bajrang Dal Sharan Pumpwell said: “We got a message that a party was on and drugs were being used. Our boys went to question them … a fight happened.” He claimed that drugs were found there.

Police Commissioner Seemant Kumar Singh said the activists had “no business” to assault the partygoers. The police found “no evidence of drugs” at the spot. They arrested 6 persons. Hindu

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