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Bangalore Police shuts more than 1000 ATMs

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8bad551d-8f23-4920-964e-16f441bbb0c1wallpaper1The Bangalore City Police on Sunday night shut down over 1000 ATMs in the city.

According to Police sources said the move followed banks’ failure to abide by the 4pm Sunday deadline set by Bangalore police for banks to ensure effective security at their ATMs in the city.

After the banks failed to comply with the police directive to provide security guards at ATMs.

Within minutes of deadlines Bangalore City Police began inspecting the estimated 2,900 ATMs to ensure that the banks had posted security guards and installed CCTV cameras and alarm systems as the three-day deadline for them to do so expired at 4 p.m on Sunday.

Police Commissioner Raghavendra Auradkar said, police were shutting down kiosks that did not have security.

Some banks voluntarily closed down their unguarded ATMs, even as other banks said they would hire security guards by Monday.

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