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Buddhadeb’s red theme being replaced by Mamata Banerjee’s green

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Kolkata: Buddhadeb didn’t have a second to lose. He was furiously scrubbing the floor on that stretch of corridor in front of ex finance minister Asim Dasgupta’s room. And that too on a Saturday, when Writers’ Building is closed in accordance with the 5-day week pattern it follows.

Buddhadeb Das is a contract labour hired by the state public works department , and one who has for years been tidying up various parts of the state’s hallowed power centre as ordered by his bosses. “I don’t have a moment to lose madam, for I have to clean up the walls and finish scrubbing the floor of the minister’s room by tomorrow evening” Buddhadeb told ET.

He is not the only one thus engaged. Laltu Bera and Yakub also don’t have a second to lose. Laltu, a carpenter by profession, was busy removing the wall panel inside former irrigation minister Subhas Naskar’s room. “I have been asked to replace all these with new green coloured panels and I have to complete work by this evening” Laltu said as he barked orders to his three-member team.

Writers’ Building was in a frenzy of activity over the weekend and this will continue till Tuesday at least. The seat of power is being given a complete re-look before Mamata Banerjee and her merry band of MLAs walk into the building to take over the reins on May 18.

All red anywhere inside is being replaced with green. Sign of the changed times. The Corinthian facade designed by Thomas Lyon in 1780 still remains red and no instruction to change the colour has yet come from Trinamool bosses.

The PWD department, which has been given a workflow chart, is supervising the whole work process.

The first floor foyer in the central wing, right in front of the chief minister’s secretariat, is being redesigned. The room where visitors for the chief minister are asked to sit a while before being called in, is being refurbished and the seating pattern re-aligned.

“We have been asked to replace all existing sofas in the visiting room with a new set. New air-conditioners are being installed,” said a senior PWD official. The decor of the chief secretary’s room is also being changed. “New furniture is being added,” the official said.

The press enclave in front of the CM’s room is getting a new look. Scores of electricians are setting up powerful lights inside, so that members of the media who gather there daily for press briefings by ministers and others, have sufficient light to write. Another official of the PWD cell said the department has also been asked to set up a new waiting room for ministers. Economic Times

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