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Coffee Inn Art Community organises rose event for ‘our beloved’ Prophet

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The Coffee Inn Art Community under Samastha Kerala Sunni Students Federation (SKSSF) – the campus wing of Samastha – oganised ‘rose event for our beloved [PBUH]’ on November 4, whereby they handed out roses along with messages in the form of Hadith’s (messages of Prophet Muhammed [PBUH] to all those who were found celebrating their Sunday holiday at the Mananchira Park and Kozhikode beach area.

The event was organised as part of ‘Global Rose Day’ organised by Young Muslims, London to engage in showing the true message of the Prophet to the public by handing out roses along with his messages in the form ‘hadiths’ printed as pamphlets and attached with the rose twig.


A girl found jubilant after recieving the Rose twig, at Mananchira square ground

The event simultaneously took place all over the UK, Germany, Dubai, Cairo, Paris, Sweden, New Zealand and many more countries.

Jabir Malabari of the ‘Coffee Inn Art Community’ told TCN, “We are proud to support this historic initiative. This is the way we prefer to protest against the blasphemy committed against our beloved Prophet [pbuh]; a protest through love, emphasising on Prophet’s messages of love and compassion towards the mankind.”


SKSSF campus wing members handing out Roses to a non-Muslim family at Kozhikode beach

The pamphlets they distributed along with the colourful, adorable roses carried Prophet’s teachings emphasising on the need to smile towards your brother, to be kind towards the mankind so that the Almighty would bestow his grace over you, Hadith which says removing obstacles from the way is part of your faith and so on.

The beach area is generally crowded on Sunday evenings. They were all surprised by these smart and energetic Muslim youths who walked towards them with lovely roses and a few ‘pearls from the Prophet’s messages.’


Roses to a non-Muslim couple enjoying their evening at Mananchira square ground

This was a ‘smart’ way of spreading the message of love and compassion taught by Prophet Muhammed [PBUH] through ‘roses of love.’

The youth moving along the beach and Mananchira ground handing out rose twigs actually resembled the visuals of the Maher Zain album, ‘Antha noorullaahi fajran…TCN

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