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Cong predicts BJP’s isolation

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The Congress is predicting the BJP’s isolation over the proposed Communal Violence Bill, 2011. It feels that even regional parties in the NDA and outside cannot afford to back the stand of the saffron party on it.

According to party insiders, even strong anti-Congress parties would not like to be seen with the BJP in opposing the bill. The Congress would have nothing to lose either way. If the bill is defeated in Parliament, then it would go to the people saying that it was because it did not have the numbers.

The party is confident the BSP, SP, AIADMK, RJD, BJD, TDP, Left, the JD(U), the JD(S), the Shiromani Akali Dal and other parties would have to back the bill.

Interestingly, the debate on the proposed bill has begun ahead of the Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls where politics is sharply divided on caste and, to some extent, religion. While BJP insiders feel that the proposed bill is nothing but votebank politics and a move to appease minorities, the Congress said the proposed bill is a part of the proclaimed agenda and manifesto of the UPA. The Congress on Friday attacked the BJP for its “pernicious” communal propaganda to kill the bill.

Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi charged the BJP with trying to further its communal agenda, even to communalise the proposed draft bill. “It is trying to do so by a pre-emptive strike by vituperatively criticising and debunking a draft bill under discussion, speaking to debunk it and to abort it before its birth. Sadly, this is a clear reflection of the BJP’s deep and pervasive fear and guilt complex.” He said the BJP knows that the country knows which political party has a communal agenda from its conception, from its birth and from its evolution.

“Those who continue to be proudly bound by the umbilical chord of the RSS, those who have divisive communal agendas, those who subscribe to the writings of Golwalkar, those who carry the shame of Gujarat, Karnataka and the Babri episode… with ease and sometimes with pride… these people are naturally to be worried by a draft of the bill,” he said.

Terming the BJP’s objections as “pernicious rumour mongering”, Mr Singhvi said the criticism does not hold any water as 60 provisions of the bill give the state all the powers in such circumstances.

He said that one provision that allows the Centre to intervene in disturbed areas is after “triple cumulative tests” like asking states to act and sending it advisories. “If an apathetic government refuses to act on deep divisive communal acts, then what is the harm in central government acting. They have a guilty mind. Communal violence is a singular beneficial peace. It is part of our belief system. We believe it is highly necessary. It will inspire confidence among victims of communal. “ he said. Asian Age

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