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Election dates for five states announced

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The Chief Election Commissioner Mr S Y Qureshi announced poll dates for five states going to poll this year in New Delhi on Tuesday. The states going to polls are West Bengal,Tamil Nadu, Assam, Kerala and Puducherri.

In Kerala the election would be in single phase for 140 seats. The notifications would be announced on 19 th March and date of polling is 13th April.

In Tamil Nadu again election would be in single phase for which notification would come on 19th March and election would take place on 13 th April.

In Puducherrri the notification would come on the same date as in Kerala and Tamil Nadu and election would also be on day that is 13th April only

In Assam the election would take place in two phases. The first phase notification would come on March 10th and the polling would take place on 4th April. The notification for second phase would come on18th March and the election would take place on April 11.

But the election in West Bengal would be done in 6 phases. The notification for the first phase for 54 seats would be made on 24th March while election would be on 18th April.

Notification for second phase on 13 th March and election would be on 23rd April. Notification for third phase on 2nd April and election on 27th April.

Notifiacation for 4th phase on 7th April and election on 3rd May. Notification for 5th phase on 11th April and election on 7th May. The final phase of election would be on 10th May, notifuication for which would come on 14th April.

Mr Qyereshi said that for the first time overseas Indian would be able to cast votes as their registration process has begun in right earnest.

High ranking officers are to be put on the job of mobile observers while officer of PSUs and Central government would be stationary observers at the pollong booths.

Counting for all the states would be done on 13th May.

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