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Feel and love the change: Mamata

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Hitherto a mere vision party supporters had been urged to dream of and aspire to, the word Paribartan seemed to have acquired life when West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee addressed a massive gathering at the Brigade Parade Grounds here on Thursday.

She called upon of the Trinamool Congress supporters, who had braved incessant rains to assemble at the slushy grounds, to “see, feel, love and win over” the change brought about by the Assembly election.

Ms. Banerjee asked them to maintain peace, harmony and discipline in a “show of respect to the change that could be attained following the sacrifice of the lives of hundreds of party workers over the years.”

The rally was called to mark the killing of 13 Youth Congress activists in police firing 18 years ago as well as to celebrate the Trinamool’s electoral victory.

“The swift manner in which the work of the new government is progressing, we can prove to everyone what paribartan actually means. See it, feel it, love it and win it over. Show the world that maa [mother], mati [soil] and manush [people] are the biggest strengths of democracy,” said Ms. Banerjee amidst loud cheering.

It was drizzling when Ms. Banerjee began her speech; when the rains stopped, she slipped into a lighter note and called it as another sign of the “change” she had ushered in.

“See the rains have stopped. Even the rain Gods have got the cue of change. While it started raining after I started my address during last year’s event, this time it has stopped raining after I started speaking.”

“Abide by law”

Ms. Banerjee sent across a stern message to her party workers and supporters to abide by the law and maintain peace. “We will not tolerate any indiscipline in the party or any wrong done to anyone. Remember that I receive information about any and every wrongdoing and that action will be taken immediately in such cases. I can tolerate everything except indiscipline,” she said.

Asking her party supporters to take a pledge to abstain from violence, confrontation with the Opposition parties and corruption, Ms. Banerjee said that the Trinamool-led government intended to restore democracy in a State that allegedly suffered from “dalatantra” (autocracy) during the Left Front’s 34-year-old regime. Asian Age

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