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Hazare next Cong target?

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Social activist Anna Hazare could be the next trarget after Shanti Bhushan, Prashant Bhushan and Justice Santosh Hegde with the Congress insiders questioning his presence in the 10-member Joint Drafting Committee set up to draft the Lokpal Bill.

“How can he remain in the committee following the report of Justice P.B. Sawant Commission of Inquiry,” they said, suggesting that Mr Hazare should quit on his own.

Justice Hegde on Thursday threatened to quit the committee following AICC general secretary Digvijay Singh’s attack on him that he (Hegde) was not acting against corruption in Karnataka. The Congress managers are playing their moves smartly after realising that the civil society group led by Mr Hazare is failing to keep up the pressure on the government after the revelations against some of the committee members. Besides, the “so called civil society” too is divided in different groups.

On the other hand, Opposition parties are not in a position to lead a campaign against corruption or join the Anna Hazare group at this juncture mainly because their leaders too have been facing the corruption charges.

The managers in the ruling coalition are going ahead with a strategy to discredit the civil society members on the committee with the help of their friends outside the UPA.

“It will be a government bill,” they said, hinting that the civil society members on the committee could hardly influence the drafting of the Lokpal in the light of revelations against some of them.”

According to them, they could not understand as to why they, Mr Hazare, Mr Shanti Bhushan, Mr Prashant Bhushan, Mr Arvind Kejriwal, got so much of importance by the government. Meanwhile, in a veiled message to Mr Shanti Bhushan to quit the Joint Committee, the Congress said that people measuring society according to certain moral yardsticks should measure up to them. Asian Age

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