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High Court pulls up N.D.Tiwari for refusing to give blood samples

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Expressing displeasure over defiance of its order to give blood samples for a DNA test by veteran Congress leader N. D. Tiwari, the Delhi High Court on Thursday made it clear to him that it would not brook non-compliance of the direction.

Passing the order, Justice Gita Mittal gave him time till next Monday for compliance of the order or submission of reasons, if any, for his inability to give the blood samples.

On Mr. Tiwari’s submission that he could not be forced to given evidence against himself, Justice Mittal said the legal point raised by him would be decided after collection of the blood samples so that the samples could be preserved as an evidence to decide the paternity claim raised by a young man.

The Court has been hearing a petition by Rohit Shekhar seeking a direction to Mr. Tiwari to undergo DNA test to decide his claim that he was his biological son.

Shekhar had on Wednesday filed a petition for initiating contempt of court proceedings against Mr. Tiwari for non-compliance of the order.

The High Court and later the Supreme Court have already dismissed his petitions contesting the plea of the young man for subjecting him to DNA test to decide his parentage.

The High Court has designated the dispensary on its premises for collection of the blood samples of Mr. Tiwari.

He had failed to appear at the dispensary on June 6 for giving his blood samples as directed by the Court.

The Court has already ordered that the blood samples collected will be sent to the Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD), Hyderabad, for the DNA test. Hindu

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