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J Dey had idea of plot to kill him?

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Senior crime reporter Jyotirmoy Dey, according to police sources, had an inkling that something was amiss the day he met Vinod Asrani, alias Vinod Chembur, on June 7. The source also added that Dey’s wife, in her statement immediately after the murder, had mentioned that the late journalist, who rarely ever drank had a couple of drinks that night. She also added that he appeared visibly tense when he returned home that night.

Asrani was arrested by crime branch on July 3 for being the middleman, who had the task of helping Dey’s assailants identify their target. In order to fulfil this duty, Asrani had met Dey and another senior reporter at the Uma Palace bat at Mulund.

Meanwhile, the police also added that the other reporter who accompanied Dey to the meeting was an “important material witness” in the case. “Asrani had called up the other reporter and Dey and had asked them to meet him at the bar. Accordingly, the reporter picked up Dey from Powai in his company’s car and they then went to the bar. Anil Waghmode and Arun Dake, who were part of the team that executed the killing, were waiting outside. Asrani then surreptitiously pointed out to them who Dey was among the two reporters. The other reporter will be our material witness in the case as he will help us prove that the meeting took place,” said a senior crime branch officer.

The officer said that the reporter would be given adequate protection and his statement would be recorded in-camera in front of a magistrate. The reporter has raised concerns over his security and has shown hesitation in becoming a witness in the case. Asian Age

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