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Karunanidhi: police blowing out of proportion land grab complaints

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DMK president M. Karunanidhi on Wednesday accused the police of blowing out of proportion land grabbing complaints against his party workers while seeking to play the role of mediators in similar complaints against ruling party workers.

In a statement here, he cited media reports that the police were under pressure to handle complaints on land grabbing because most of the complainants had motives. “Though they are alleging that they were forced to sell their properties, it is said that their motive is to get more money from the buyers now. The police are not able to handle such complaints.”

Mr. Karunanidhi alleged that the police were not ready to file cases against AIADMK workers. “Instead they are playing the role of mediators at the instruction of AIADMK Ministers and prevailing upon land owners to withdraw their complaints.”

Aid for refugees

Reacting to the government’s announcement increasing the monthly assistance for Sri Lankan Tamil refugees, Mr. Karunanidhi welcomed the scheme, but pointed out that more schemes and programmes were unveiled during his rule for the refugees.

The hike in assistance would cost only an additional Rs.55.44 lakh per month, he said.

Recalling various assistances offered to the Sri Lankan Tamils, including the despatch of provisions worth Rs.10.6 crore to Sri Lanka during the last phase of the war, Mr. Karunanidhi said that his government had decided to improve basic amenities in the refugee camps at a cost of Rs.12 crore.

“Subsequently, based on the reports of the ministers who visited the camps, the State government allotted Rs.100 crore. One can compare these schemes with the announcement of the AIADMK government and come to a conclusion on who has done more for the Sri Lankan refugees,” Mr. Karunanidhi said. Hindu

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