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M.P. website spammed with adult content

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From Russian adult chat networks and herbal “enlargement” pills to bulk car insurance and online casinos — the Shivraj Singh Chauhan-headed Madhya Pradesh Council of Science and Technology (MAPCOST) is offering a lot more than just information on its website!

Not intentionally, of course. Like several other seldom-updated government websites, the MAPCOST website (http://mapcost.org/index.htm) is the latest victim of advertisement spamming.

But a casual visitor browsing the “Facilities” page (http://mapcost.org/Biotech/Bio_Facility.htm, http://mapcost.org/index.htm) may get the wrong idea on reading “London escorts outstanding a man” listed under the support services tab; or on finding discounts on genital enlargement pills in the “Other Activities” (http://mapcost.org/Biotech/Bio_Other .htm) section.


On a lighter note, the unaesthetically designed and hard to navigate government website does make for interesting reading due to the strategic placement of the advertisement links.

While the “Benefits” page has a link to toronto escorts, the “Objectives” page offers “camel cigarettes, vibrational medicine, property management software and pest control” among others. “Establishment” offers Miami beach condos and “Sectoral analysis” lists Italian dating sites.

What is surprising is that these are not advertisements listed on the webpage sidebar but are embedded seamlessly in the body text, thereby being potentially misleading to unsuspecting visitors. Hindu

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