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Mumbai terror attack to complicate India-Pak relationship: Analyst

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The terror attacks in Mumbai about a fortnight before the crucial talks between the foreign ministers of India and Pakistan could very well complicate the relationship between the two South Asian neighbours, a US-based intelligence analysis company said today.

“Though the July 13th attacks do not appear to reach the same level of crisis as the 2008 Mumbai attacks, they are bound to complicate Indian-Pakistani relations,” Stratfor Global Intelligence analyst Reva Bhalla.

“Naturally, India tends to point the finger at Pakistan whenever attacks like this occur. And these attacks are occurring at a most critical juncture in US-Pakistani relations. The United States is trying to accelerate a withdrawal from Afghanistan and it needs Pakistan in order to do so,” Bhalla said.

Following this attack, India can be expected to place heavier demands on the United States to pressure Pakistan into cooperating more in the counter-terrorism front, Bhalla said.

The United States needs to manage an already very tense relationship with the Pakistanis right now as it relies on Pakistan to forge an accommodation with the Taliban that would allow the United States to bring closure to the war, the analyst said.

Noting that India is already greatly unnerved by the US-Pakistani negotiation taking place, Bhalla said regardless of whether Pakistan was actually involved in an attack like this or whether this was the work of indigenous elements in India, attacks like this will only complicate an already highly complex web of relations on the subcontinent.

The Foreign Ministers of India and Pakistan are expected to meet in New Delhi on July 27 to review progress in the bilateral peace process that was revived earlier this year. Economic Times

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