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Muzaffarnagar Riot: JIH Gen Sec writes to Akhilesh Yadav

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Muzaffarnagar-Riot-JIH-Gen-Sec-writes-to-Akhilesh-YadavMr. Nusrat Ali, Secretary General, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has written a 10-point letter to Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav asking him to ensure justice to Muzaffarnagar riot victims, punishment to the culprits and safe return of the victims to their original places. He has also asked him to take the grim situation in relief camps very seriously as it may create human crisis.

Text of the Letter

Akhilesh Yadav
Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh

Dear Sir,

You are fully aware that atmosphere of communal harmony and mutual love among citizens is key to popularity and progress of any state and riot of any kind creates an opposite atmosphere. The recent communal riot in Muzaffarnagar has also created an unpleasant atmosphere in the state which is a cause of concern for all sensitive and peace-loving people. Four months have passed since the Muzaffarnagar riot but instead of any positive change, situation is getting worse day by day. The state government, therefore, should immediately take following important steps:-

1) The government should conduct a thorough survey of the people killed in the riot and award reasonable compensation to their family. The administration is counting some people as missing even though it is obvious that if they were alive they would not have remained untouched with their family for so many months.

2) It should conduct survey of the damaged houses, fields and lost cattle and award proper compensation to their owners.

3) It should give compensation to those who were forced out of their homes and encourage them and make suitable steps for their security and safe return to their original places.

4) The government should immediately halt the scheme by which victims are being given Rs 5 lakh by the administration and asked to forgo their right on their homes and land. To deprive the victims of their homes forever will set a bad precedent. It will encourage communal elements and disturb the atmosphere of communal harmony in villages and also create major problems in future.

5) Some religious places were also damaged in some villages. The government should immediately reconstruct and repair them.

6) It should give special attention to ensure justice to the women who were sexually assaulted in the riot-affected areas and to bring culprits to book.

7) Legal action must be taken against those who instigated the riot and those who took part in assaulting and killing people. The government should arrest those against whom FIR has been lodged and start legal proceeding against them. This will fulfil the requirement of justice, will be a deterrent for antisocial elements and will keep the good atmosphere from being affected.

8) People’s groups and organizations should make efforts, with support of eminent persons of different religions, to normalize the situation and make a pleasant atmosphere. The government should support them in these efforts.

9) Goodwill committees comprising selfless and sincere people should be formed in all affected villages. These committees should take positive steps to spread love and tolerance among people.
10) Action should be taken against the officers whose lethargic attitude and negligence of duty resulted into the loss of human lives and properties at large scale.

From the day one, the Uttar Pradesh zone of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has been doing relief work for the victims and trying to create an atmosphere of communal harmony in the affected areas. For communal harmony and goodwill, Jamaat has appealed for making contacts with eminent persons and organizations at central level also. Jamaat delegation has also visited affected villages to normalize the situation and will continue to do both the work.

We hope you keep an eye on the problems of the affected areas. But it is of great concern that even four months after the riot, relief camps exist, people are not returning to homes for fear of attack, and children are succumbing to cruel chilly winter in relief camps. We, therefore, request you to implement the above-mentioned suggestions the earliest for the welfare of the people.
We pray Almighty Allah that entire country including Uttar Pradesh gets rid of communalism and countrymen live with peace.


Nusrat Ali

Secretary General
Jamaat-e-Islami Hind

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