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Narendra Modi ‘most likely’ to be leader of BJP’s campaign team, LK Advani gives in

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Intense pressure building up, LK Advani is likely to give in and appoint Narendra Modi as BJP’s campaign committee leader.

As the Assembly elections get closer, the party cadre is of consensus that it is important to leverage Modi’s popularity.

After praising Shivraj Singh Chouhan and calling him a better administrator than Narendra Modi, BJP senior leader LK Advani was rumoured to be against the appointment of Modi.

Sources said Advani had told BJP President Rajnath Singh that he had no objection to Singh making the announcement on Modi, subject to consultations with other members of the BJP parliamentary board.

However, Advani was learnt to have also insisted that a separate election management committee should be set up under a different person to oversee the election management from the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Delhi through to the conclusion of the Lok Sabha election next year.

The final call on the decision will be in Rajnath Singh’s hand. With the party’s national executive meet scheduled over the weekend in Goa discussions on the elections and appointments will be priority.

Modi’s name as campaign committee chief was first mooted by Nitin Gadkari towards the end of his presidentship of the party last year. Victory in the Gujarat assembly elections in December strengthened Modi’s claim to the post, but speculation about Advani’s objections was believed to have been holding the party leadership from proceeding.

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